Below are a list of websites to our product partners. Look at the different varieties of items in their catalogs. If something strikes your eye, let us know. I can work out the price. Understand there are minimum purchases, setup fees, shipping and tax. If you have a state tax exempt form such as for example a VA ST-10 and the items are for resale, state tax will not be charged. Please email us a copy at the time you order. Some setup fees are waived after the first order once on hand with that company, most if not are reduced. Some items have additional fees for extra embroidery, extra locations, extra colors. When you look at the items page, much of these will be noted. Many times closeouts and sales will provide more but may have limited color choices or numbers available. If you have questions feel free to ask. If you have a logo or are designing one, its best to make it a vector image, sometimes you can get away with a .pdf . Here is the list, I will update as we get new partners. (course maintenance)